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Air conditioning service Portsmouth

At Imperial Cars Portsmouth, we offer all the air conditioning servicing and repairs you’ll need for your car. We provide a full car air conditioning service, re-gassing, sterilising and odour removal, climate control fault code access and leak testing.

Air conditioning re-gassing

Over time your car will leak out small amounts of refrigerant gas, the gas that keeps the system cool. Around 10% comes out of the joints and vents in the system each year. It’s recommended to get the system recharged every 2 years to prevent these levels getting too low and causing damage to the system. It’s quick and easy to do, meaning no added hassle to your day.

Sterilising and odour removal

Over time, dust, dirt and grime can get into your car’s air conditioning system. If this builds up, then bacteria can form in the system which can cause unpleasant or musty smells in your car if the system isn’t cleaned. We provide an anti-bacterial sterilising service which cleanses the system and removes any odours. It enhances the performance of the system and prevents blockages.

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Climate control fault code access

When errors are occurring with your air condition temperature control or climate control, we can provide diagnostic tests to help access the fault codes and determine the source of any problems. Your fault codes could be any number of issues including pressure, leaks, failing systems and more. Your car’s air conditioning system is made up of a complex system including the refrigerant gas, compressor, condenser and evaporator. Without taking the whole system apart we can use the diagnostic equipment to reveal any fault codes and pinpoint the cause of any problems, so we can get it repaired quicker.

Leak testing

From time to time there can be other places that the refrigerant gas will leak from other than through the vents or joints. If there is a leak in the system, we run through a special leak test to find out where the gas is escaping from so we can get the system repaired. Once we’ve repaired the system, we’ll test it again to make sure that when you get a recharge of your refrigerant gas, there’ll be no more issues.

Air conditioning servicing and repairs

If you haven’t had your air conditioning checked in a while or missed your due date for a recharge or re-gas, we can provide an air conditioning servicing which includes all the above checks and tests to ensure your system is clean and operating efficiently.

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