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Imperial Cars Portsmouth – Car engine diagnostics

Warning light testing and repairs

Your car is equipped with a great detection system called the Engine Control Unit (ECU) that can let you know when things aren’t quite right. Your system will illuminate warning lights on your dashboard when you need to get a diagnostic test. We provide affordable diagnostics tests at Imperial Cars Portsmouth to help find the cause of the issue and provide repairs, so your car can run smoothly again.

Scanning technology designed for your car

We have invested in quality equipment to scan your system during your diagnostic test. We use the latest equipment so that it can identify each and every make and model of vehicle. Our system detects your vehicle and downloads specific information sent from the sensors to your car’s ECU. Any error messages are then sent through as a code for our technicians to translate and find the cause of any issues. When we’ve found out what’s going on with your car, we can then put together a repair plan and accurate quote, so you can see what your car needs to get back on the roads.

Your warning lights and what they mean

Your car’s ECU system works like a computer ans it connects to hundreds of sensors in your car that check each engine process. If something isn’t working as well, your vehicle will display a warning light. These lights can tell us the general area where the problems are coming from. Your warning lights include your brake system lights, air bag lights, engine lights, temperature warnings and oil levels. Each of these warning lights could mean any one of a hundred potential problems. That’s why a diagnostic test is required so we can accurately pinpoint the problem quickly.

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Getting repairs after a diagnostic

Once we’ve identified the problem with your car, we can then let you know how much it will cost to repair. We’ll present you with our findings and a breakdown of any issues along with labour and parts. With your approval, we can then go ahead and fix the issues along with resetting your warning light. All work is conducted to the highest standards and your car’s log book is kept up to date.

We work on any vehicles

Our equipment is designed to work on any make and model and can identify your specific vehicle when scanning your system. This means that no matter what car you have or how old, we can help find the cause of any warning lights. A diagnostic test is quick, accurate and efficient and ensure you can repair any problems before any major damage is caused.

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Our booking tool allows customers to book their diagnostic test with us any time of day online. Just simply enter your car registration and select the service you need. If you are experiencing any symptoms with warning lights, you can let us know what these are, so we can check them out too. You don’t pay until the work is done and we also offer collection and delivery if you’re worried about driving your car.

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